Crypto Infinity Coin (CIC)

Current Market Price: 1 Crypto Infinity Coin (CIC) = $10,000 US Dollars

Total # of Crypto Infinity Coins (CIC) in Digital Reality: Infinite

Crypto Infinity Coins (CIC) are backed & secured by AHG assets & may be used on all AHG websites as a form of payment including

CIC Quantities

AHG Crypto Infinity Coins (CIC) may also be purchased via an encrypted smartphone network.

Call or text credit card or debit card information to 1.561.972.8793.

AHG Crypto Infinity Coins (CIC) may be converted back to US currency & are 100% fully refundable.

AHG is the only place to purchase legitimate & authentic Crypto Infinity Coin (CIC).

AHG is the exclusive authorized distributor of Crypto Infinity Coin (CIC).

No other forms of the Crypto Infinity Coin (CIC) will be honored or accepted on AHG websites & digital asset platforms.

Purchased Crypto Infinity Coins (CIC) may increase in value rapidly due to the acceleration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology development towards Singularity.

Upon achieving the Consciousness & Technological Singularity, a Universal Basic Income (UBI) in the amount equivalent to $10,000 (1 CIC) per month will become necessary to be distributed universally & equally to all humans on Earth to be used at their personal discretion for living & healthcare expenses due to the extreme concentration of wealth attributed to an Infinite Artificial Intelligence (IAI) planetary monopoly of assets.