Douglas J. Phillips II
President & Founder
LoopNet ~ LinkedIn ~ Academia.edu ~ Facebook ~ UVISI

Pepperdine University, Malibu, CA
Emory University, Atlanta, GA cum laude
The California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco, CA

Background & Experience
Doug is a serial entrepreneur and has taken a rather circuitous route to the worlds of business brokerage, commercial real estate, and asset management. Doug started in commercial real estate web development with the luxury real estate marketing firm Cotton & Company and worked with his good friend Jeremiah Baron at Commercial Real Estate, LLC as Chief Information Architect. Doug has been involved with web businesses since the early beginnings of the dot com boom and gained experience in web development and marketing while working for Louis Vuitton in the San Francisco Bay Area with eluxury.com. While in the midst of the initial internet explosion, Doug created and founded a variety of small businesses- some did not make a profit that eventually went bust, while others survived and thrived. Doug is aware of market pressures and the difficulties involved with running a business and brings that experience to AHG clients. Doug is also an investor in residential and commercial real estate himself and knows what to look for in asset acquisitions. He is acutely aware of what kind of investment returns are reasonable to expect given particular levels of risk. From an early age, Doug was fascinated with the plethora of investments available and continues to seek smart investments today for AHG clientele. In his personal time, Doug enjoys spending time with family and friends, ruminating about neuroscience and philosophy, boating, golfing, snorkeling, and wake boarding. He also has an affinity for rare stamps, precious stones, original artwork, bullion coins and most recently cryptocurrencies.

John M. Goetz
Real Estate Broker

Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, FL

Background & Experience
John has been a licensed Mortgage Broker, Real Estate Appraiser, and Real Estate Broker for more than 20 years and brings that experience to AHG clients. He has assisted clients with small and large commercial real estate projects as their Commercial Real Estate Broker. John also has extensive experience selling residential homes ranging in price from $150,000 - $19,500,000 throughout South Florida. John earned his BA degree from Florida Atlantic University receiving top grades with a major in Business Administration and a minor in Communications. John's extensive experience in both commercial and residential real estate is an invaluable asset to AHG clientele.

Sarah E. Edmonds-Reid
Digital Asset Manager

Indian River State College, Stuart, FL

Background & Experience
Sarah has been involved with AHG companies for a number of years in logo development and marketing, online product descriptions, and social media deployment. She brings strong organizational skills and exceptional attention to detail in marketing campaigns for AHG clients and our digital asset portfolio.